15 Healthy Recipes to Try This Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year to turn your average every day food into fun shapes and meals the whole family will love. It’s even better if you can sneak in some healthier foods to off-set all the sugar and candy that they will get from parties and trick-or-treating.  Here are 15 Halloween inspired recipes with healthier options that are sure to liven up you meals.

Halloween Sweet Potato Fries (or Cookies)

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These Halloween inspired sweet potato fries are a healthier option than the fried alternative. You can also use this recipe in place of Halloween cookies and drizzle or dip these sweet potatoes in maple syrup for a slightly sweeter taste. If you choose to make these as a cookie alternative, swap the olive oil for coconut oil, it will give them a slightly sweeter taste. Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings this Halloween with these easy sweet potato fries.

Spider Avocado Deviled Eggs

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Whether you are going to a Halloween party, or are just looking for a creepy crawly snack to grab and go this weekend, try these Spider Avocado Deviled Eggs.  By adding avocado in place of some of the mayonnaise, you add good healthy fats to this delicious snack. If you are looking to make these deviled eggs even healthier, omit the mayonnaise altogether, and add an extra 1/4 of avocado.

Fruit Monsters

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Be the coolest Mom at the Halloween party (or at the breakfast table) with these fruit monsters. The peanut butter mouth and sunflower seed teeth are great sources of healthy fats, while the green apple lips and strawberry tongue are sweet enough to satisfy sugar cravings. You can opt for candy eyes, or make your own with marshmallows and chocolate chips. You can use a little peanut butter to get them to stick to the monster.

Spider Nacho Dip

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This dish is a cross between 7 layer dip and nachos, and is always a great party hit.  Opt for making this meal healthier by using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and adding diced tomatoes, onions, black olives as extra toppings to incorporate more vegetables and healthy fat. This dip can be served with baked corn chips or vegetables as healthy dipping options. Don’t forget to add the spider centerpiece before serving!

Candy Corn Parfait

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Looking to serve your little ghost or goblin something a little healthier than candy for breakfast, or quick snack before trick-or-treating? These candy corn fruit cups can be made up in no time and are sweet enough to still be a treat.  If you are looking to make it healthier, use a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt in place of the whipped cream. This is also a great option to bring to a school Halloween party.

Stuffed Pepper Jack-O-Lanterns

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This Halloween dinner idea is sure to please kids and parents alike. These easy stuffed peppers come together in no time and are healthy and filling.  For a healthier option, use brown rice or quinoa instead of long grain white rice, and add some extra vegetables to the meat mixture like tomatoes, mushrooms or green beans for extra nutrients and fiber.

Halloween Lasagna Skull

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Make this filling dinner before a night of trick-or-treating. Have your kids help make the face, so they are more excited to eat a healthy dinner before filling up on candy. To make this meal healthier, sneak in some extra vegetables like carrots and zucchini between the layers of meat and cheese. Or Opt for zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of regular lasagna noodles. Your family won’t be able to taste the difference!

Halloween Meatloaf Scramble with Mashed Potato Ghosts

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Whether your vegan or not, these ghosts are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. If you are looking to make this meal with meat, pick lean ground beef or turkey, and omit the TVP and beef-style veggie crumbles from the recipe. To make this meal a little healthier, you can add some finely diced carrots and tell your kids it’s pumpkin poop.

Jack O’Dillas

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This quick and easy meal is perfect for the picky eater. Fill them up with a healthy quesadilla made with good quality deli meat. The hardest part of this meal is cutting out the perfect pumpkin tortilla face. To make this meal healthier, add some guacamole on the plate for dipping. You can also add fresh veggies on the side to dip in the guacamole.

English Muffin Mummy Pizzas

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These mummy pizzas can be made with a variety of different toppings to suit your family’s tastes. Add pepper slices for the bones, broccoli for hair or whatever else you can come up with! String cheese is the secret to getting that wrapped mummy look. Make a big batch of these before heading out for trick-or-treating. Your ghost, princess or goblin will be full all night…or at least until it’s time to eat candy.

Chicken Boo-dle Soup

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This is a great meal to make this weekend, and enjoy for the next few days while you get in the Halloween spirit.  Have your kids help you make this bat and pumpkin soup for a healthy and filling meal. If you are looking to make this soup healthier, double up on the vegetables, or add a variety of vegetables. You can also use a rotisserie chicken to make this meal even easier.

Pepper Brain Monsters

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Give spaghetti a spooky twist this Halloween, by making these Pepper Brain Monsters. Depending on your taste, you can cook the peppers before filling them, or you can leave them raw. You can add extra tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots or anything else you find in the fridge to mix into the sauce. For a healthier and more fun option, use zoodles (zucchini noodles) for the monster’s hair. Your kids will like that their monster has green hair, and you will be happy that they are eating some extra vegetables! If you have never had zoodles, they don’t have much flavor, so they will really absorb the flavor in your sauce.

Witch Guacamole Dip

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Here is an original take on an old party favorite.  Have party guests (or your family) fill up on this guacamole dip filled with healthy fats and vegetables. This dip is so healthy that sneaking in a few extra corn chips won’t hurt. Having your kids help make this dip will encourage them to try new vegetables and learn that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. 

Halloween Feet Loaf

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This is my favorite Halloween meal from this list! How fun would it be for your family to eat Feet Loaf before heading out to trick-or-treat?! This is the perfect meal to add some finely chopped vegetables to the meat mixture. You can serve these feet with a side of goblin boogers (green peas) and ghost poop (mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower for a healthier option).

Eyeball Pasta

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How excited would your kids be if you served them Eyeball Pasta?! The eyeballs are made up of string cheese and black olives, and are easy to make. For a healthier option, use green spinach noodles in any shape or size, use zoodles (zucchini noodles) or add meat to the sauce for a protein boost. You could also make eyeball meatballs to serve with this pasta, by making a small hole in the raw meatballs, and inserting small pieces of string cheese and black olives. Cook meat balls in a skillet or in the oven until they are done and add them to the pasta before serving. This pasta is incredibly easy to make and will get a thumbs up from even your pickiest food critic. 

There You Have It

Those were my top 15 Halloween recipes to try this year. Which one was your favorite? You already know mine is the Feet Loaf. I will be making that on Halloween as we hand out candy to our trick-or-treaters. Leave me a comment below with your favorite Halloween recipe. If you are looking for a healthy treat to indulge on instead of candy, check out my apple donuts. If you try one of these recipes out, tell me how you like them!

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