We’ve all been there, you head to the gym before or after work and you forget something. Then frustration sets in. You made the effort to get to the gym and after all that, you’ve forgotten something important for your workout. It’s happened to me numerous times, I’ve forgotten my shoes and ear buds more times than I can count! These days, I bring a gym bag with my gym essentials to make sure I have a sweaty and successful workout. Here are my go-to favorites that I always keep in my gym bag:


First and foremost, my shoes. These are an absolute must! If I forget to put them in my bag, it’s an instant energy killer and I lose all motivation for my workout that day.

Water Bottle

Whether I’m on a run outside, or at the gym, I have to have a water bottle with me. I like these stainless steel Blender Bottles, because they keep my water cold longer than most water bottles. I sometimes like to bring lemon water with me to the gym, check out why here. 

Phone & Ear Buds

Music is a necessity for me when I’m working out. It keeps me pumped up and I push myself harder when I listen to music. Do you ever notice that your workout seems to go by faster when you listen to music? I certainly do!

Phone Running Belt

I love this little belt! It’s sleek and fits my iPhone perfectly so I don’t have to hold it during my workout. I also like it better than the arm band iPhone holders. iPhones these days are bigger than ever and I can easily wear this under my workout top and it’s out of the way. As an added bonus, if I’m out on a run, I can stick my car keys in the belt too.

Fitness Magazine

I love fitness magazines for the motivation and inspiration they give me. I will read it while on the treadmill doing an inclined walk, or use their workout tips during my weights and abdominal workouts. (My fav’s are: Shape, Muscle & Fitness, and Women’s Health


Because no one likes to be “that smelly person” in the gym.


I like to have a towel with me to wipe off equipment in the gym. The gym can harbor a lot of germs and bacteria on the weights and exercise equipment which is why I prefer to wipe down the equipment before and after I use it. If I’m out on a run, the towel is great for cooling off after my run is over.


Being in Colorado, the sun can get intense. That is why I like to keep a hat in my bag for days when I take my workout outside.

Hair Ties & Bobby Pins

I can’t stand when my hair is in my face or on my neck during a workout. I like to keep a few hair ties and bobby pins in my bag in case they break or I lose one.

Dry Shampoo

I love this travel size dry shampoo. It absorbs the sweat and oil on my hair and gives it a nice volume boost after a workout. It’s perfect for those times when you have somewhere to be after a workout and don’t want to have the “gym hair” look.

Yoga Mat

I use my yoga mat for more than just Yoga. It’s great for Pilates, extra back support for abdominal exercises and stretching out after a run or workout.


We’ve all been there, after an intense workout cotton-mouth can set in and cause bad breath. I like to carry a travel size mouthwash in my bag for this very reason.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

I don’t know about you, but I am a sweaty mess after a workout. I also have acne-prone skin and using these wipes takes off my makeup and sweat so I won’t breakout. I especially love these cucumber towelettes from Burt Bees, they are so gentle and refreshing after a workout.

Face Moisturizer

I have very dry skin. Usually after I use a cleansing face wipe, my face feels tight and dry within a few minutes. That’s why I like to keep Cetaphil’s daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15 in my gym bag. It hydrates my face and has added sun protection.


I am always hungry after a workout, which is why I try to keep two snacks in my bag. I like to have options. Fitness experts suggest eating a protein-filled meal or snack within 45 minutes of finishing your workout. For me, it’s easiest to have my snack in the car after my workout. I like snacks like jerky bars and fruit with squeezable nut butter packages.

Spike Ball

This may look like a dog’s chew toy, but this spike ball is a life saver when it comes to sore and tight muscles. I will use this before a workout on my tight muscles to help loosen them up. I also love to use this ball right after a run to massage my feet and calves to help prevent soreness.

Deep Relief Roll on Stick

This is my secret weapon against muscle soreness and stressed joints and ligaments. This Deep Relief stick is made up of a specific blend of essential oils that have high anti-inflammatory properties. After a workout, if I pushed myself a little too hard, or stepped wrong on my foot (common occurrence for me) this roll on stick provides a welcome cooling sensation and natural relief.

There are millions of things that I could put in my gym bag, but I prefer to keep it to these 17 essentials. This way I have just what I need without bringing a suitcase to the gym with me. What do you have in your gym bag? Let me know, I always like finding new items and I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of your gym bag essentials?

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