Working with Amanda has helped me stay motivated during the start of my new healthy life style. Before working with Amanda I saw a nutritionist and things just were not clicking.  The fact that she is a Health Coach and a Nutritionist really made all the difference. She has helped me understand the importance of making smart choices and is always there for me when I start to get off track. I enjoy seeing her every 2 weeks because it really keeps me accountable. Her programs are also very useful as well and have ton of information to really help you be successful. The best thing about Amanda is her caring personality. Her positive outlook on life and understand for where I am coming from, allows us to work well together to meet my health goals.

Lauren S.


I started working with Amanda because I had tried to lose weight on my own with little success.  During our first meeting, we worked together to develop an eating plan that could work with my busy schedule. Amanda was always positive during our meetings and offered suggestions on how we could change up my eating plan so I would start seeing results. It took 3 different eating plans to find the right one for me and I am happier, healthier, and down 15 pounds because of Amanda’s help. I still have a little more weight to lose, but I now know the importance of the right combination of food and a healthy lifestyle can have on losing weight. Amanda has a wealth of nutritional knowledge and I really enjoyed working with her.

Tara M.