Fresh Start Program

This is perfect for the person who is looking for a nutrition tune-up, or if you are new to a healthy eating lifestyle.  This 3-part program includes a:

A healthy outside, starts with a healthy inside. 

Pantry Makeover: Where we will go through your pantry cleaning Identifying unhealthy foods in your panty, fridge and freezer. We will also talk about additives, preservatives and food fillers and how they can be detrimental to your food sensitivities and weight loss goals.

Grocery Store Tour: Where you will learn where the healthiest areas of the store are, what staples you need for a well-stocked pantry, when to buy organic and when not to, how to find deals on real food and healthy on-the-go options.

7 Day Easy Weight Loss eBook: Complete with a daily meal schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner, suggested meals, and a shopping list a recipe guide for no fuss weight loss.  This package also includes helpful tips on how to eat healthy while eating out, gut health, snacking, grains, sugar addictions, protein powders and more!

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Health Coaching Package